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How To Find Cheap Monthly Parking in Brisbane​

Parking issues have been present since the first vehicles began to occupy the city streets. Progressing urbanization and population expansion only expanded this problem and currently, it causes headaches for all urban city planners.

Many times, finding a free parking space seems like playing the lottery. If you can find available parking space for your car it is like you got a prize. Many times, the big traffic congestion is caused by a lack of free parking lots, so drivers often aimlessly circle the streets trying to drop off their cars. We have all been there!

In recent years, parking costs are constantly on the rise. Parking space owners caught on to the opportunity to apply high rates on their premises because they know that safe parking is the number one priority for all car owners. 

Furthermore, we are all aware that parking in some areas of Brisbane can be dangerous for our cars. An increasing number of burglaries and even car thefts are proof enough to turn into a more secured ‘shelter’ for your car. You certainly do not intend to leave your new vehicle at the mercy of ‘the bad boys from the streets’.

That is why planning your monthly parking in Brisbane should be on top of your priorities whether you are using a parking spot in front of your home or your daily job. 

But how to find secure Brisbane monthly parking? Don’t worry because this article focuses on the top 5 parking companies in Brisbane that offer secure and cheap monthly parking options no matter your location. 

Secure Parking


If you are tired from lack of personal space in public transport or long waits at bus stations and you’re looking for a safe and secure spot to store your car at any time of the day or night, Secure Parking is one of the best Brisbane monthly parking solutions for you. It’s a covered parking facility so your car is protected from unexpected weather disasters and burglaries. Besides, it is close to work for quick access, no waits to enter or exit, and the convenient billing process is one more reason why you should choose Secure Parking as your monthly parking in Brisbane.

Secure Parking has more than 40 years of experience in car parking services. Since their early days, they have identified an opportunity to develop a practical and efficient approach to all types of customers and needs. In December 2016 Secure Parking was acquired by one of the most powerful parking operators in the world – Park24. That’s only one piece of evidence of the success story we are talking about.

To book, just put your preferred city in the search bar, the dates you want to book for, and pick the parking space closest to you. You will get a quote for your service, and instant secure checkout. You can even see the parking before making your booking. Prices start at $13. 

For every monthly parking booking, you get a personal pass card that allows you unlimited access to your preferred Secure Parking car park lot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you don’t need to wait at the pay station for every access. If you have more than one vehicle, the passcard can be used for each of them, so you could use its full potential.


Myer Center Car Park

Myer Center car park is a safe, secure, and convenient Brisbane monthly parking solution for all drivers who often use Queen Street Mall because of the easy access to the Mall. Efficient and suitable for customers who work at some of the Queen Street Mall stores or often visit the stores for shopping. It’s an affordable solution for your car while enjoying a shopping day at the Mall because you deserve full peace of mind during this pleasure.

 With a monthly parking booking, you get a pass card that you use for every entry and exit. That allows simple access to the parking space. You also avoid the pay stations so you save even more time. Free Wifi access is available for the customers, too.

This Brisbane monthly parking offers 24/7 access and you can reserve your preferred spot. Also, you are billed in advance, there are no hidden fees, and before booking, you can inquire for a quote online and know the exact price you will pay. Prices vary depending on the spot, length of stay, and type of car, and additionally, they have special packets for different needs and requests. 


Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking is the biggest parking network all across Australia and it makes monthly parking in Brisbane an easy and fast process. No more worries if your car is parked on the street and no more penalties for improper parking. Wilson Parking offers suitable Brisbane monthly parking deals that are reliable and quick. 

You can get a quote online before your booking and know the exact cost of your monthly parking in Brisbane. You can also opt-in for a monthly subscription and know the exact cost you will pay each month. Here are the benefits of a monthly subscription plan:


–  24/7 car park access

–  Touch-free parking from your phone

–  Guaranteed parking space

–  Reserved or unreserved Monthly Parking Plan

–  Manage your Monthly Subscription while using the Wilson Parking App


With the Wilson Parking App on your phone, you have everything related to your monthly parking plan. You could apply for a Wilson Parking card that allows you to skip payment queues at ticket machines. Just tap the card at entry and exit for easy access to all of 130 car park locations across Australia.


Share With Oscar

When we talk about secured, easy, and flexible monthly parking in Brisbane, we talk about Share with Oscar. An unusual name for a parking app, Share with Oscar has a mission to make the cities more accessible through sharing available private parking lots all around the city. Oscar helps citizens facilitate the pain of searching for parking in crowded areas. It is a different way of parking in comparison with other conventional car parks.

The app allows you to list your parking space with your address, a description, photo, and instructions for access. You can set the price of your parking space or let the Oscar app manage it in real-time. The next step is to share the availability of your spot for some days or hours (if it’s not available 24/7). With every booking at your parking space, you earn money. 

The concept of parking via Share with Oscar is designed to operate as Booking or Airbnb, where you offer your own parking space for use. You just need to download the Share with Oscar app on your phone to manage your listing.

To book this monthly parking in Brisbane you will need to go on the website, pick the location you would like to book, and click the book now button. The concept is the same as booking for an Airbnb and you will get all the instructions in your email. 


Queens Plaza Car Park

Located at 226 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 400, Queen Plaza car park has five basement levels with more than 600 parking lots and it is one of the most convenient Brisbane monthly parking solutions. The best way to get there is via Edward Street between Adelaide and Queen Streets. Please note that there is a height restriction for your car, up to a maximum of 2.2.meters.

 Queens plaza car park is also a cost-effective Brisbane monthly parking solution with access to the heart of the city. With a booked monthly parking lot they provide you an access card for come and go according to your needs and they bill monthly in advance.

 There are options for reserved and unreserved parking spaces. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook, so you can stay connected with them through these apps. 

 And there you have it, the top five Brisbane monthly parking solutions that are suitable for everyone. Not sure if you are getting the best deal? You can quickly check the prices on Parking Deal Australia


Final Thoughts

Living in a super-connected world, it is always easier when we have first-hand information. That’s why we took care to bring to you all the necessary information about monthly parking in Brisbane.

Now you can compare a variety of car parks all across Brisbane and you can opt-in for the most suitable Brisbane monthly parking deal according to your needs.


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